Valor Wealth Partners is a Veteran Owned Business

Advisory services offered through CS Planning Corp an SEC registered investment advisor.


Our Services

Valor Wealth Partners has designed fee structures to fairly equate cost with value to your family.  You are in control of the level of service you feel is best to meet your needs.  We believe our unique structure removes more conflicts of interest from typical methods and allows for further transparency of costs.

Changes to legislation, technology, and investor behavior has led many to question the existing cost structures.  We believe clients should decide the appropriate cost-efficient program that puts them in control.  Our programs include educational tools and financial planning services to help our clients reach their goals.  You can choose from Do-It-Yourself to the Full-Service Experience.

Valor Wealth Partners does not set minimum account sizes.  We believe in providing access to premier financial planning to anyone eager for our services.

Explore our unique programs
Financial Planning

Having a strategy is critical to focusing your actions towards meeting goals.  Through the financial planning process you will uncover valuable information about where you are and learn efficient methods to reach your goals.  We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your situation, develop an action plan, and provide a written financial plan.

Lifestyle Ongoing Planning

Valor Wealth Partners wants to assist our clients through all of the financial challenges that arise.  We believe the cost charged to clients should match their lifestyle demands for advice.  As client’s needs become more complex, the cost corresponds to the level of service.  Once they enter retirement and their need for financial guidance becomes more stable, the cost is reduced to match the level of advice.

Do-It-Yourself Financial Planning

Not everyone needs a comprehensive financial plan, but they might need occasional guidance on their financial situation.  The Do-It-Yourself program provides access to valuable resources for a minimal cost.  When your needs become more complex you can schedule a Financial Strategy Session.

Investment Management Services

Valor Wealth Partners has access to a vast universe of comprehensive investment products.  Our goal in this area is to help clients reduce their costs while receiving quality investments that meet their needs.