Valor Wealth Partners is a Veteran Owned Business

Advisory services offered through CS Planning Corp an SEC registered investment advisor.


Your FUTURE is Our Job


What is important to you?  Are you on the correct path?  By listening to you and working together, we will devise personal strategies to propel you toward your goals.  Our team uses progressive techniques combining years of experience, extensive knowledge, and smart technology along your journey.



Trust needs to be earned and we start building it by exposing our character.  We are transparent with our process and costs, so you can observe our commitment to this principle.  People entrust their financial lives to us and we take that obligation to heart.  As fiduciaries, we work in the best interest of our clients.  Please review the Fiduciary Oath that all employees must sign.


Do what makes you happy.   Our programs are designed so you can feel financially confident to enjoy life.  We love when clients smile because of the work we have done.  Having a plan allows you to focus on your priorities while protecting you from the unforeseen.  You will experience how we treat everyone with compassion and dignity.



Valor Wealth Partners was formed to bring a level of excellence to financial planning and investment management services that many people were not receiving.  They asked for an experience that put them at the center of the process, gave them control of costs, and treated them with dignity.  We answered.



225 Franklin Street, 26th Floor

Boston, MA 02110

Tel: (617) 648-2700