Developing a strategy is the first step to clarify, simplify, and organize your financial life. Through the financial planning process, we’ll determine valuable information about your current status, and develop efficient methods to focus your actions. After conducting a comprehensive analysis, we’ll prepare a plan of action and provide a written financial strategy.

During this comprehensive process we explore details of your financial life. Over 4 interactive meetings we discuss your goals, available resources, and barriers that could hold you back from achieving success. Please review the Financial Lifestyle Checklist below to see the depth of topics we cover during this process.

When your financial plan is complete you will have a road map for helping you achieve your short and long-term goals by maximizing and using your available resources wisely.

What's Included? 

A Minimum of 4 Meetings

90 minute meeting to evaluate your current financial situation and walk you through the interactive process

90 minute meeting where we explore your goals and prioritize your concerns 

90 minute meeting to preview your plan and discuss high-level planning recommendations

90 minute meeting to present your final plan and discuss execution of recommendations

A Financial Plan with easy to understand recommendations and a concise action checklist

Your Initial Financial Plan is an easy-to-read summary of your current net worth, goals, and actionable next steps. Depending on your needs you can receive recommendations on savings targets, debt repayment, retirement planning, insurance needs, estate planning, and tax planning. We also include a detailed analysis of your current investment portfolio reviewing risk tolerance and costs.

The process is more than giving you a thick booklet you will never read, it is preparing you with education and the tools to reach the goals you have set for your family. During this process you will uncover your dreams and goals, define your risk tolerance, and gain a better understanding of what is needed to achieve success. Below are some examples of proprietary and third-party reports we use to explain your personal financial situation.


Our financial planning fees are calculated based on the complexity of your needs. Answers on the following checklist help us understand a client’s unique situation and calculate a fair fee.

Financial Planning Services Can Include:

Financial Planning Services Can Include:

1.  Assessment of Goals and Objectives

2.  Balance Sheet Development

3.  Cash Flow and Debt Management

4.  Financial Relationships

5.  Employment Benefit Optimization

6.  Federal Employee Benefits

7.  Investing Management

8.  Insurance Evaluation

9.  Retirement Planning

10. Healthcare Plan Assessment

11. Educational Planning

12. Tax Strategy

13. Estate Planning

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