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Initial Plan Development

Initial Financial Plan Process.png

What You Get

4 Meeting


Spending time understanding you is the only way to create a comprehensive analysis of your goals and resources.

4 Personalized Reports

You receive your 1st report in the second meeting so you can begin to experience the value of your new financial strategy.

Fiduciary Obligation

As fiduciaries, we have an obligation to act in the best interest of our clients,

at all times.

No Long-term


You can choose to hire us to implement our recommendations or we can part as friends.

Initial Financial Plan Process

Developing a strategy is the first step to clarify, simplify, and organize your financial life.

The cost to create your plan is $1,800

Complimentary Get to Know Us Meeting (30 minutes)

It is important to make sure we are a good fit for each other. During this friendly conversation, we will answer your questions and provide alternatives if we feel you are better served elsewhere.


Many clients come to us with a set of beliefs and goals they want us to act on. By challenging them to dig deeper into what is important and setting priorities over our 4 meeting process, we often create a more meaningful plan for their future.

Meeting #1 - Initial Assessment (90 minutes)

During this meeting:
Evaluate your current financial situation and walk you through the interactive financial planning process.
Conduct a risk assessment providing you with your personalized risk number.
Risk Assessment
Risk Number.png
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Meeting #2 - Deep Discovery (90 minutes)

During this meeting:
Clarify your goals and financial resources in the planning software. Confirm the priorities you wish to achieve with this process.
Review your tax return from the previous year. Provide insights and guidance from our analysis.
Reports Delivered
Tax Report
Tax Report Cover.png
click image for sample

Meeting #3 - Recommendations (90 minutes)

During this meeting:
Introduce the recommendations and probability of success detailed in your financial plan.
Provide detailed suggestions for your future investment portfolios based on your risk tolerance and variables in your financial plan.
Reports Delivered
Investment Roadmap
Stats Overview
Investment Roadmap Cover.png
Stats Overview Cover.png
click image for sample

Meeting #4 - Implementation (90 minutes)

During this meeting:
Present your financial plan.
Review the action steps to execute your plan.
Discuss any questions or concerns.
Reports Delivered
Initial Financial Plan
Initial Plan Cover.png
click image for sample

Complimentary Meetings and Reports - if necessary

Federal Benefits Review
If you have not received a federal benefits report from us, we will provide a free report and a meeting to explain your benefits in detail.
FEHB Plan Comparison
During Open Season we will provide a free FEHB report comparing your plan to available options. We will conduct a meeting to explain your benefits in detail.


All of these reports and data points may be overwhelming, so we create an easy to follow action list to execute your plan. We start with the highest priority actions that will provide the most benefit towards your success.

Executing Your Plan

Once you have your reports and we have answered all your questions, you need to decide who will execute the action list we compiled for you. This decision comes down to 3 options:
  1. We can part ways and wish each other best of luck after plan delivery

  2. We can meet annually to check on your progress

  3. We can provide full-service support

Don't worry, this decision is made after you have seen our dedication to you and the level of service we deliver. These options are described in detail on the Ongoing Planning page.


To help you feel more comfortable understanding and using your plan we have a friendly dashboard where you can quickly see your assets and progress. Our encrypted file system safely stores documents used in your plan or that you might need with family.

Complimentary Get to Know Us Meeting


What is the cost to create a plan?
$1,800 (50% upfront and the remainder when your plan is delivered).
How long does it take to create a plan?
Typically your plan is complete in 3 months. Depending on your needs, we can speed up our process or delay to accommodate when life throws you an unexpected surprise.
Can I hire Valor Wealth Partners without creating a plan?
Your initial plan is critical to ensuring the guidance and recommendations we provide are thorough and accurate to your unique needs. This being said, in extremely rare situations, we may bring on a client without immediately creating a plan.
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