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You are Unique

Our programs are designed for you.

The financial planning industry is struggling to match generating value to clients with fair compensation to advisors. Valor Wealth Partners has designed fee structures that allow each family or individual to control the level of service they feel accurately meets their needs. We believe our unique structure allows the highest level of cost transparency and prevents the conflicts of interest that arise from more typical methodologies.

Are We the Best Advisor for You? 

We want to serve families and individuals when we are a perfect fit for each other. To help you answer this question we created 2 videos to simplify the most common questions.

  • Are there different types of advisors?

  • How are advisors compensated?

Finding the Right Advisor
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Understanding Financial Advisor Compensation
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We are fiduciary, fee-only financial planners.

If this sounds like whom you want to build a long-term relationship with, keep checking us out.

The Fee-Only Fiduciary Model

Many advisors are still being paid by companies for the products they sell clients. This creates a conflict of interest on who benefits most from the transaction. As a fee-only wealth advisory firm, our advice is independent from the solutions we may recommend. Valor Wealth Partners does not accept commissions from the sale of any investment, insurance, or banking products. Our only compensation is from you, our client. Because of this fiduciary responsibility to our clients, we are able to offer the most suitable advice to meet your unique financial needs. Please review the Fiduciary Oath that all employees must sign.

Who We Serve

Complex financial situations happen throughout your life.


Our programs are designed to support you when you need professional guidance.

Which stage of life are you in?

Client Timeline.png
Avatars - Early Career - Danielle.jpg


Tech savvy and enjoying city life. Danielle wants to start building for her future but isn’t sure if she wants the family life right now. She has been focused on building her professional reputation and feels if she is going to make changes, now is the time.

Early Career
Martha & George Image_edited.jpg

Martha and George

Married with 2 children. Constantly juggling activities and sports for kids. Live in a nice suburb with good schools for kids. Careers with federal government are in full swing.

Mid Career
Avatars - PRE-Retiree - Rachel and Tom.jpg

Rachel and Paul

Kids are out of the house, but they are still concerned they may return. They have begun traveling more as a couple and are planning to continue this trend. They are both successful in their careers but are taking more time off to enjoy life.

Pre - Retiree
Avatars - Retired - Ben & Tom.jpg

Ben and Tom

Bob took a part-time job and Tom loves doing charitable work. They are doing many renovation projects to the house between their long vacations. You can see their excitements when they talk about their grandchildren

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Explore Our Unique Programs

If we decide to work together, we offer 3 programs to help you on your path to financial success.

  1. For most clients, the starting point is developing an Initial Financial Plan to map out major goals and concerns as we go forward.

  2. Once we know what you want to achieve, our Ongoing Service helps guide you and keep you accountable as financial obstacles arise.

  3. Investment Management is an optional service for our clients so they can avoid the day-to-day hassles of portfolio management.

Initial Plan Development Logo.png
Initial Plan Development

Clarify, simplify, and organize your financial life.

Ongoing Planning Logo.png
Ongoing Planning

Coaching and monitoring of plan

Investment Management Logo.png
Investment Management Services

We handle the time, stress, and emotion

Before we decide to work together, let’s chat about your unique financial circumstances and goals. We’ll give you honest feedback about where you are with regard to your goals and if we think we can help you achieve them. You’ll have the chance to get to know us and decide if we're the right partner to help you.


Aren't all financial professionals fiduicaries?
No. All licensed advisors follow complex laws to protect consumers, but they aren't all fiduciaries. Even worse, there are unlicensed people providing financial recommendations.

All employees at Valor Wealth Partners have signed our Fiduciary Oath and are licensed to provide ethical advice. Our standards are higher than what is legally required.
Does Valor Wealth Partners only work with federal employees?
We specialize in the unique benefits and needs of federal employees but do not require that you are one. We have many non-federal employees that are clients.
Why should I hire Valor Wealth Partners?
Starting a relationship with a financial planner is a huge decision and hopefully, this is the last time you have to interview one. We know we are not the right advisors for every person and we aren't trying to be. Maybe we are what you have been looking for.

If you like what you have seen so far, check out our section: Are We a Good Fit? Once you feel comfortable, schedule a complimentary meeting and we can answer your questions.