Where our other services focus on financial planning, this service is all about your investments. Our goal in this area is to help clients reduce their costs while receiving quality investments that meet their needs. Many clients feel that managing investments on a day-to-day basis is time consuming, emotional, and stressful. Instead of taking on the responsibility yourself, our team ensures that your investment portfolio is administered by experienced professionals. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about available investment options.

Many people have a large portion of their assets in employer retirement accounts or choose to manage their assets themselves. Because of the way we have designed our programs, there are no account minimums or requirement we manage any of your assets. At Valor Wealth Partners, investment management is a service we provide to our ongoing financial planning clients at a reduced cost.

What's Included? 


Annual Fee charged Quarterly, in arrears: 

.60% of Assets Under Management with Ongoing Financial Planning

1.25% of Assets Under Management without Ongoing Financial Planning

Would you Like to Know More?

Would you Like to Know More?

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