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To help serve you better, we created packages of our most popular meetings. Each service package below has a customized workflow which helps us be efficient with your time and make your experience as valuable as possible.

All packages are included at no cost in the full service Comprehensive Partnership level of service. If you signed up for the Core Membership level of service, prices are included next to each description.

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Portfolio Review


Investments bring a lot of stress to our lives. Whether we manage your portfolio or you chose to go it alone, let us help you understand:

  • The investments in your portfolio

  • Our view of where the markets are heading

  • Specific recommendations of what you should do at this point

Business Meeting

TSP Rebalance


Many federal employees ignore their Thrift Savings Plan for years. We want to help you understand one of your biggest assets by:

  • Educating you on your TSP options

  • Analyzing your current portfolio

  • Providing specific recommendations of what you should do at this point

Video Call

TSP Transaction Support - with Operations Team


Most people are confused when they go online or call the Thrift Savings Plan. While you may go infrequently to make a transaction, our team does this on a regular basis. Let us help you:

  • Decipher the confusing TSP terminology

  • Speed up the process by getting you the information you need, quickly

  • Help you fill out and process TSP documents 

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