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Areas of Focus

We work to foster personal relationships with the individuals and families we serve. By listening to our clients, we are better prepared to meet their growing needs. With our exceptional service and unwavering commitment, Valor keeps clients engaged in the financial planning process and helps them focus on reaching their goals.

We ask a lot of questions to get to the heart of your goals and determine how you feel about your objectives. As we work together, we consciously mold your custom plan to fit your ever-changing life. While new financial hurdles may arise, we’re there alongside you to face these challenges together.

Personal Finance
  • Household Balance Sheets

  • Spending Plan Review

  • Debt Consulting

  • Cash Flow Planning

  • Expense Timeline Creation

  • Emergency Fund Formation

  • Large Purchase Assessment

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Personal Finance
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  • Goal Setting

  • Savings Targets

  • Income Gap Analysis

  • Social Security Planning

  • Medicare Plan Comparisons

  • Annuity Review

  • RMD and Withdrawal Planning

  • Employee Benefit Analysis

  • Retirement Plan Review

  • 401(k) Contribution Guidance 

  • Pension Optimization

  • Life Insurance Evaluation

  • Employer Stock Purchase Plans

  • Employer Stock Options

  • Job Offer Comparisons

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  • Portfolio Review

  • Investment Risk Analysis

  • Portfolio Recommendations

  • Investment Policy Statements

  • Account Selection and Titling

  • Cost Basis Review

  • Stock Concentration Reports

  • Goal Setting

  • Savings Targets

  • FAFSA Applications

  • Types of Accounts

  • Creative Financing

  • Contracts with Kids

  • Student Loan Reduction

  • Private School Funding

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  • Estate Plan Guidance

  • Wealth Transfer Strategies

  • Gifting Techniques

  • Charitable Planning

  • Guardian Discussions

  • Trustee Review

  • Caring for Elderly

  • Protecting Accounts

  • Policy Review

  • Needs Analysis

  • Pension Offset Strategies

  • Annuities

  • Life Insurance

  • Disability Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance

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  • Combining Savings and Debt

  • Preparing for Wedding Costs

  • Non-married Couples

  • Divorce Planning

  • Generational Wealth Transfer

  • Non-children Estates

  • Caring for Grandchildren

  • Tax Loss Harvesting

  • Realized Gain Review

  • Tax-sensitive Investments

  • Account Structuring

  • Tax Concerns on Withdrawals 

  • Roth vs. Traditional IRAs

  • HSA / FSA Options

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